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Lucas Commercial

Love for Lucas Bands Commercial 1 from Jordan Haney on Vimeo.

Week 35

File May 13, 8 14 56 AMThis week was super fun! We had the Q and U wedding (a wedding for the little kids telling them that in words Q and U will always be together) and we sent letters to our French e pals. We also started sales for Love For Lucas bands.But after school we had the chance to talk to some of the kids that were in sixth grade this year so that we will not be as scared for middle school. Lastly we had a few kids play in a basketball game against the teachers.That was my awesome week at Rocky Hill.

Lucas Song

My Script

Animal Planet


Corbin as Chase

Jackson as Steve

Lily as Emma

Mustafa as Bobby

Samantha as Sara

When an animal disease wipes out a town, three   teenagers will have to save the others.  They’ll need to create a cure while trying to stay hidden from the new gorilla town boss.  Will they get the cure to everyone in time or become part of the food chain.


Scene 1

(in shed & loud crash with smoke)

Chase: What was that!

Sara: Chase, I finished the cure!

Chase: Yeah, right!

Sara: No I am serious this time!

Chase: This is not like last time, is it? I still have the burn from last week’s “so called cure”. (shows burn) Besides, we have been working on this cure for five years!

Sara: But this time I really think that it will work!

Chase: Ok, lets say this really works. How do we get any of the animals to drink it?

Sara: I’m not sure. Maybe we should ask Emma.

Chase: No, we need to keep quiet. Remember what happened to Billy when he left?

Sara: Ok, I guess your right, but when do we tell her?

Chase: I’m not sure , that’s what we’ll figure out.

Scene 1 (Animal):

(In office)

Bobby: Steve, bring me my latest reports.

Steve: Ok, right away sir.

( Steve runs out of room )

Steve: It looks like there are no remaining humans on Earth. If we find anyone, we will lock them up.

Bobby: Ok, I will call off the troops, but I need more reinforcements on the taxes!

( Steve leaves the room )

Bobby (says to himself): Now that there aren’t anymore humans left on earth…I WILL BE AT THE TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

( Bobby laughs to himself )

( Emma knocks on door )

Emma: Is this a bad time sir?

Bobby: No Emma, come on in. How are we doing on our new taxes? Has everyone paid?

Emma: Well, everyone is trying to adapt to their new animal bodies and…

Bobby (cuts Emma off): No more excuses! People need to pay up or they will be locked up!!!!

Emma: But Sir, some people just need more time.

Bobby: You better get them to pay up or you will be at the bottom of the food chain!

Emma: Ok Sir, I will see what I can do.

Scene 2


Emma: (walking around mumbling) People just need more time, I don’t understand.

Sara: pss, Emma.

Emma: What was that?

Chase: Pss, Emma over here.

Emma: Chase, Sara get down someone will see you.

Sara: Meet us at the spot.

Emma: Wait, why, is something wrong?

Chase: No, everything is great, but we can’t say it in public just meet us at the spot.

Emma: Ok, Fine.

MEANWHILE Back in the office

Bobby: How is our prisoner, are any of the potions working?

Steve: No, sir he either vomits or stays human.

Billy: I told you I have the immune blood. You will never be able to change me into an animal.

Bobby: Just be quiet, prisoner

Steve: Yeah, what he said.

Bobby: Don’t interrupt me when I’m speaking!

Steve: Ok sir.

Billy: You are truly becoming animals.

Bobby: Just keep the boy locked up.

Steve: Ok will do sir.

(Back at secret safe place)

Sara: Where’s Emma?

Chase: I don’t know but she always shows up.

Emma🙁 5 min. later) Sorry I’m late. I had trouble getting past Bobby.

Chase: It doesn’t matter you’re here.

Sara: We found the cure.

Emma: Really?!

Chase: Yeah, and Sara is positive it will work.

Sara: Ya, but we can’t figure out how to get the animals to drink it.Can you help us?

Emma: Yea, but we a way to get Bobby to drink it.

Scene 3

(Back in the shed)

Sara: Ok, let’s get started!

Chase:  Well, how much cure do we have already?

Sara: 70 ml

Chase: Great! How much more do we need?

Sara: 1000 times more! We need around 70 L!

Chase: Ok, so what are the materials we need to do this.

Emma: What’s first?

Sara: The base, a.k.a water. Luckily, we have a lot of water.

Sara: We also need DNA.

Chase: Please, don’t tell me your going to cut out some my genes!!!

Sara: I am going to cut out some your genes.

Chase: What?!?!

Sara: Calm down, just give some of your hair.

Chase: My hair! Just use yours! You have a full head of hair

Sara: I’m not getting rid of my hair! Besides, I have already used a lot of it, and it takes forever to grow back. Plus, we need all of our hair or the immune blood hair.

Emma: Well then one of us needs to get Billy and his hair.

Chase: I’ll go besides no one cares about me here.

Sara: Are you sure it’ll be to obvious.

Chase: Yeah, if it’s to save our town, I’ll do anything. Anyway, they can’t change me. I’ve got the immune blood.

Emma: He’s right, and I know Billy really wants to get out of there.

( Sara and Emma at the same time): Ok, good luck!

( Chase leaves, Emma and Sara waves goodbye)

Sara: Wait, Emma.

Emma: What Sara?

Sara: I need you to figure out how we can get the cure to the whole town.

Emma: I’m on it.

( hiding behind bushes)

Chase: I can’t be seen, or I will be captured. Here we go I’m here.

(Inside Animal HQ)

Chase: Billy, where are you?

Billy: I’m over here, what do you think you’re doing here?You’re taking a huge risk.

Chase: I have my chances. Anyways, I need 3 chunks of your hair in order to save you.

Billy: Ok, yeee ouch, here you go.

Chase: Thanks we will-

( Steve cuts him off)

Steve: HUMAN! Attack!!!!!!

( Steve jumps on Chase)

Emma: Oh no, it’s a human. I will help.

(Emma goes near Chase, chase slides hair to Emma’s hand)

Emma: I will go tell Bobby.

Steve: Ok, I’ll do something with this dude.

( Chase breaks free and runs )

Bobby: A human, this is unacceptable!!!!!!!

Emma: I know sir, I will take care of it.

Bobby: You better, or else there will be no paychecks this month!!! I can’t believe that there are still humans left in this town! And the fact that they came so close to my big giant birthday bash that the whole town is going to be at! Emma, tell all the security guards to be on duty at my big birthday bash.

Emma: Ok- I will do sir!

( Emma runs to secret safe place with hair in her hand )

Emma: I got it! I got it!

Sara: Shhhhhh!!!!! Someone will here you!!!

Emma: I saw Billy. He’s still locked up.

Sara: What about Chase?

Emma: He was captured, but he slipped me Billy’s hair!

Sara: That’s horrible.

Emma: Then again it gives us another reason to work harder. But, the good news is that I found out when we can give the cure to everyone at the same time. We can put it in the punch bowl at Bobby’s big birthday bash.

Sara: Ok! Then we need to get started if we want to finish in time for the party.


Billy: How were you caught?

Chase: Trust me, it was worth getting caught.
Billy: Why did you need my hair?

Chase: Shhh, there are cameras everywhere, I am going to have to talk with my mouth closed…

(show Chase and Billy talking quietly)

Several Minutes

Billy: That’s great!

Chase: Shhhhhh… quiet.

Billy: Ohh, yea right, sorry.

Scene 4:

Emma: Do we have enough hair for 70 L?

Sara: I think that we have more than enough.

Emma: Ok, great. How much time will it take?

Sara: About an hour. Does that work?

Emma: That’s perfect, the party is in an hour.

Sara: Well what are we waiting for, lets get started!!!!!


Steve: When are you guys going to learn? There’s a new food chain in this town and you are at the bottom.

Billy: When are you going to learn that no matter what food chain your in….bunnies are always at the bottom.

(Steve leans against the jail bars)

Steve: Well, this bottom of the food chain “rabbit” is at least not locked up in a rabbit cage.

(Chase carefully slips the keys off Steve)

Steve: Well, it’s been fun catching up with you guys. See you at the birthday party. Hold on….you won’t be there because you’re having a jailhouse rock party for two.

(Steve leaves and then Billy and Chase frantically unlock the jail)

(Chase running to the shed)

Chase: uh,uh,uh

(he falls)

Chase:Ouch, mmm my leg.

(gets up and limps to the shed)

Chase: Uh. (lies down)

Emma: Chase! Your leg!!!!

Sara: Are you ok?

Chase: No, can I have some ice?

Emma: Yeah, I’ll go get some.

Chase: Thanks!

Emma: Wait, how did you even get here? You were captured!?!

Chase: We slipped the keys off the bunny.

Emma: Well you rest here, we still have to work on making the cure!

Sara: You are right. We have to keep moving.


Sara: I think I finished.

Emma: Just in time, I have to leave for the party now.

(Sara hands Emma the cure)

(Emma waves bye)


(At Bobby’s party preparations)

Emma: Now all I have to do is put the cure into Bobby’s cup and then put the cure into the punch bowl.


Sara:I feel like I should be there to help Emma.

Chase: I feel the same way.

Sara: But I know we are doing the right thing by staying here.

Chase: I wonder what Emma is doing right now?

Sara: Me too.

(Back at Bobby’s party)

Bobby: Emma, are the drinks ready? I am about ready for the toast.

Emma: Yes sir. (Hands him a cup)This is your cup and this is the punch bowl for everyone else to get their drinks out of.

Bobby: Great, round up all the town’s people so I can give a toast.

Emma: Right away sir!

(Bobby walks away)


(Bobby on stage)

Bobby: Thank you all for coming today…for my amazing birthday celebration!!(random claps from tired animal humans) Does everyone have punch!

Crowd: Yes (tired voices)

Bobby: So now, I would like to make a toast, to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Steve: WAIT….The prisoners they’ve escaped!

Bobby: What??? Well, who cares. It’s my birthday!

Steve: Well, they could have done something to the party…the food…the drinks?!?

Bobby: Humans don’t scare me, Steve! I’m the top of the food chain.  (Holds glass up) CHEERS!!

Bobby: I don’t feel so well…Emma,what was in the drink you gave me?


Emma: Oh! Nothing, just your average punch will just a little bit of cure!!!!!!! Say goodbye to your animal body!!

Bobby: NO! NO! NOOOOO!

Emma: Yes Bobby, and everyone else drank the cure!!!!

(Everyone turns human)

Emma: Haha! Victory is ours!!!!

Bobby: Wait, what do you mean ours?

Emma: That’s right, there are two more humans that aren’t locked up!And now you will be fully human in a matter of minutes.

Bobby: Ahhh. shucks!

Scene 5

(In Sara’s house)

T.V. Anchor: That was the story of the kids who saved our town.

Chase:(sigh) That was us.

Sara:Those were the good days.

Chase: I wonder what Bobby is doing now?

Sara: I am not sure.

(doorbell rings)

Chase: I wonder who it is.

(door opens)

Sara: Oh, hey Emma.

Emma: Did you see that article on the news?

Sara:Yeah, that was awesome!

Chase: Emma, do you want to stay over for some dinner?

Emma:Sure we can talk about that news article.

(After dinner)

Sara: I can’t believe how small we were back then.

Emma: I can’t believe I was a monkey.

(everyone laughs)

Chase:Hey, tomorrow do you all want to go to the zoo?Sara and Emma:Sure!

Emma: I can pick you up at 2:00 tomorrow. Does that sound good?

Emma: This is going to be so much fun! Lets go to my relatives the monkeys.

(everyone laughs)


Chase: That reminds me lets go see the monkeys, thats what you wanted to see wasn’t it Emma.

(everyone laughs)

(everyone looks down at the gorillas)

Emma: Is that Bobby I see down there?

Sara: I guess that that is him and that is what he is doing these days.

Chase: Haha! He is scooping Gorilla poop up!

Emma: That is what he gets!

Bobby Mumbles to himself : I will get my revenge,you made me get this job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 34

This week was super fun! We got to start to film for our movie and we finished typing our movie (I will put up the script in my next post). We also got to go on a field trip to KARM a place that helps homeless people in the community by feeding them and giving them a place to sleep. Lastly, We made a song to support the sales on buddy bands for our friend Lucas that has cancer. That was my awesome Week at Rocky Hill!IMG_6554

Week 33

This week was so fun! We got to take our TNready testing but then since some of the schools in our county did not even get the tests yet we decided not to do the rest of the tests. Then, we got our year books and continued to work on our scripts for our movies! Lastly, we got to do a fun science experiment! That was my awesome week at Rocky Hill.IMG_6471

Week 32

This week was awesome! We worked on our scripts and did a live reading in front of our class of our new scenes. We also the soul singers (our choir group) had a performance. Lastly, we got to earn candy when we practiced the TN ready test. That was just another awesome week for me at Rocky Hill.File Apr 21, 2 25 52 PM

Shaved Ice Commercial For Lucas

Shaved Ice for Lucas from Jordan Haney on Vimeo.

New Songs


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